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Evil Yrra's back!… What's the most fitting song for this situation? 

1 deviant said Tell Me Lies (From Cats Don't Dance)…
No deviants said The Plagues (From Prince of Egypt)…
No deviants said Where is the Fun (From Fairly OddParents)…
No deviants said I Won't Say I'm in Love (From Hercules)…
No deviants said B Movie Show (From Brave Little Toaster)…
No deviants said Terror Time Again (From Scooby Doo)…
No deviants said I'm Sorry (From Littlest Pet Shop)…
No deviants said I'm Moving On (From Teacher's Pet)…
No deviants said I've Got to Find a Way (From My Little Pony)…
No deviants said Strong in the Real Way (From Steven Universe; I feel like it fits for some reason)…


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I'd like 2 Premium Memberships, 1 for me, and one for a friend. I would also like to be able to buy point commissions. I only have 21 points on this site. I'd really LOVE a 12 or 24 month membership or 'Till Hell freezes over, but I'm starting with aiming for at least 3 month Membership by Thursday December 12, and at least a 12 month by Christmas Eve. I may try to aim for more if I reach that get that goal before that deadline. If you're willing to donate, then thank you. I hope I can count on your support. :D

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Wyatt Beaty
Artist | Film & Animation
United States
I'm just a 16 year old autistic guy who loves TV and movies wants to do be an entertainer, animator, and a lot of things

Interests may update as time goes on. HIGHLY unlikely to remove stuff.

Favorite Characters (To be updated as time goes on): Aya, Nostalgia Critic, Mighty Mouse, Blythe Baxter, Geine from Aladdin, The Mask, Dan, Princess Sofia, Stan Pines
Uh... Miss Yrra "Fatality" Cynril, Her:
Yrra Cynril??? by ThatWyGuyOnTheRight
Van Jensen has an answer:…
She had... an... understudy... during the Green Lantern Story arc Uprising. I literally have no idea whether I should relax or panic about the Yrra thing going on now.

SHE'S A DURLAN?!?!?!?! OH MY F:iconsweetiebelleplz:KING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But it's OK, no need to panic. Yrra's Star Sapphire Ring finally knows it's being duped and will get to the real Yrra and things'll get bet-


And now the real Yrra's trapped somewhere on some planet underground! Maybe in hell! Great work, Queen Chrysalis! Things just get more f:iconlordhaterplz:ked up by the second. I gotta wait A MONTH to see the real Yrra Cynril again. But, she can do some serious s:iconangelbunnyplz:t even without her ring just ask late 90's/early/mid 2000's villainess her. Her ring may have likely amplified fer skills, but she's a skilled warrior. So that means escaping should be as easy as finding HAY in a haystack. I have ideas of the best and worst that could happen below. Both may be ongoing lists I may get more ideas in the future. Here's some of them for now.
Good Possibilities that can happen:
Yrra Escaping whatever Prison the Durlans put her in
Yrra going to Zamaron and getting a new ring
John going to Zamaron for help getting Yrra back
Another Star Sapphire using her powers to reunite John with Yrra. And create a new replacement ring for her.
Yrra having a replacement ring with her. Or inside her. 
Bad Possibilities that can happen:

Evil Yrra coming Back.

This was before Lights Out, so I'm just gonna assume that this problem was pretty much GONE after Lights Out was finished.

  • 1: That's not the real Hal, that's a Durlan posing as him.
  • 2: Relic's Finite Spectrum Crap is gonna get Mythbusted one of these days. It's only a matter of time.
  • 3. I love the way Dale Eaglesham drew the Zamarons here. Maybe the prettiest Zamarons in Comic Form.
  • 4. I'm sure the Star Sapphires are still allies of the Green Lanterns and are buying none of "Hal's" crap, here. They are NOT gonna turn against the Green Lanterns at all. Right? Right??? RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!
Yrra turns against the Greens AGAIN fter hearing Durlan Hal's crap.
Yrra and John break up.
Yrra being unable to escape (UNLIKELY to happen. At all. Still worried.)
If anybody had more ideas for what can go right and what can go wrong, please leave them in the comments below. Thanks.

BTW, this is next month's issue's cover. I'm not sure I like the looks of this cover. I just know something's gonna go horribly wrong just by looking at it.
I'm gonna lose my mind waiting for August 13.

Yrra had already escaped whatever prison the Durlans put her in about a year ago by now, right? She's capable of escaping without her ring. This is Fatality we're talking about, here!
What are your thoughts on this subject if you know what's currenty going on in the Green Lantern comics and/or have been keeping up with recent ones? Again, comments, below.
Good Night, I gotta find some dinner and make a call to Zamaron.
I'll just let this song re-spark hope into Yrra, John, and every single one of you guys.

  • Mood: Anxious
  • Listening to: Cartoon Theme Music
  • Watching: Littlest Pet Shop
:iconswordsparks: warned me.

There's a hacker lurking around in this site who changes the name of users around here and posts a journal entry claiming that you'll commit suicide, and he'll troll with the same journal entry by adding inappropriate or illegal comments. He'll also add insult to injury by writing naughty comments on your page, and add a cruel drawing of a male's private parts, such as a penis. If he reads this, he'll have to think twice before logging in to anyone's account. Spread the word to prevent the hacker from hacking your account as quickly as possible.

He targeted a user formerly named kronosfactor52, renamed him TruePhazonianForce, posted a similar journal entry on his dA page, and added harsh comments to it.

Copy and paste this to your journal so that it doesn't happen to you immediately. Fail to do this task will result your account hacked and terminated.

And please report the hacker to the Deviantart staff while you're at it.
  • Mood: Rage
Awesomeness Approaching! What's in the Box?! Twilight's Destiny? All 7's (Including Spike's) Destinies?! FREAKIN EXCITED! WHERE'S THE EXCITED EMOTICON?! Beautiful song.
  • Mood: Glad
  • Listening to: Season 4 Finale Song
  • Watching: My Little Pony Season 4 Finale
  • Eating: Season 4 Breakfast
  • Drinking: Drink Trio
Prixiam Nol-Anj and Harley Quinn!

I think it would be very interesting to see them meet each other. Might  possibly be the team up of the century! The newest Star Sapphire and The Joker's mistress, together for the first time!  I just really wanna see those 2 meet and become friends! Come on, DC! It can work, too! We'll find a way to make it work!  What do you think of this idea? Prixy and Harley, does that sound like something you'd buy? I'd buy that! 

Also, I think I'm gonna write a letter to Robert Venditti, Van Jensen, and the rest of the current Green Lantern team. And DC.

  • Mood: Eager
  • Listening to: Tom Jones
  • Eating: Applebee's
  • Drinking: Sierra Mist (It's a Pepsi place!)
Dear DC, you have a Star Sapphire series just sitting there!

The one with the blue-ish hair is Prixiam Nol-Anj, (I call her Prixy) the one in the pink leather with a belt of diamonds is Fatality, and the blue girl wearing a mask is Miri Riam. The three of them team up together to spread love all over the universe. ESPECIALLY Prixy's sector. ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY the Clanns in Prixy's sector. ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY Prixy's Clann, the Braidsmen. A.K.A. the people who, in a way, got Prixy her ring in the 1st place. Her love for her Clann was the reason she had the ring to begin with. Miri Riam and Yrra Cynril (That's Fatality's actual name) both work together as Prixy's supervisors when she's given her Star Sapphire ring back under probation. The three of them become Love BFFs! It can work, DC! Please make it happen! Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, etic. currently have their own comic series'! Please make this a reality! I can't be the only one who thinks this!


This is Green Lantern 2-6-8-1-7-9-5 (Two-Six)

I think I'll draw Two-Six and Prixy in these styles:
Mine (Duh.)
Adventure Time
Regular Show
Steven Universe
Gravity Falls
Littlest Pet Shop
My Little Pony
Equestria Girls

I may also draw Walker trying to regain his hope in those styles.

If there is any other style you wanna see two of Robert Venditti's awesomest contributions to Green Lantern in, please let me know.

Also, can somebody please ask Robert Venditti, Van Jensen, Justin Jordan, ANYBODY when those FREAKIN BLUE LANTERN RINGS ARE GONNA FIND NEW BLUE LANTERNS?!?!?!?! And which part of Uprising is the one with the Rebirth of the Blue Lantern Corps and/or the one where Saint Walker gets his hope back! He's gonna be how the Green Lantern Corps win the war and get back on the good side of the universe! I just KNOW IT!

(Phone rings)
Hey-oh! This is WyGuy!
Von Daggle: (On the other line) Are you forgetting somebody?
Me: Mr. Daggle has a huge role in Uprising, but I think Walker and/or anybody with the blue light may have a hand in fixing the crap the Durlans caused! Have no Idea who the Mr. Daggle is? For more recent crap:…

I better start reading Sinestro soon. I hear the possibility of New Korugar might not be too far-fetched. (Long Story)
  • Mood: Eager
  • Eating: Quesadilla
  • Drinking: Apple Juice

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1. You're welcome!
2. I agree with you. It'll be awesome.
3. Maybe it'll contain the rebirth of the Blue Lanterns.
4. Do you think Yrra's an important part of This? Maybe she becomes a Star Sapphire again in it.
5. Maybe Barda'll be there!
6. Are you watching FXX/The Simpsons?
7. Would Lisa Simpson be able make Yrra feel better if they ever met each other?
vasglorious Featured By Owner 21 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
1) It's possible the rebirth of Blue Lanterns will happen during this crossover.  

2) Sorry but it looks like Yrra made her chose clear in the Green Lantern Corps #34, as much as I want to believe she'll return as a Star Sapphire and be with John, she's just filled with too much hate right now.  So I just don't seeing it happening any time soon.  

3) I'm sure Big Barda will be there, I mean Mr. Miracle has just made his appearance in Earth 2 (can't remember the number right now).  

4) I don't have Cable or Satellite, my life sucks.
ThatWyGuyOnTheRight Featured By Owner 20 hours ago   Filmographer
1. I just know it will!

2. How will Yrra be cured? Will we need a Blue Lantern to help her out? I wanted to see her become best friends with Prixy.

3. It is possible, yes.

4. Oh, man. You sure could use some cable.
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